About Me

Khadijah La Musa is a poet, author, mother and alchemist who practices wellness and love.

khadijah la musa

Bred and buttered in Boston, Massachusetts, she also resides in the island of Antigua and Barbuda, where she is proudly a dual citizen.

La Musa strives to ascend spiritually while simultaneously diving deeper into the depths of her being. She navigates various identities, while living out her purpose as a custodian of truth and balance.

At a very young age, she discovered the power of the sacred word. The words we speak and the stories we tell ourselves are the building blocks of our reality.  Khadijah La Musa is here to attune people to the Universal Laws so that they may be enabled craft their own narrative and claim their destiny.

Khadijah is a Reiki Master/energy worker and licensed massage therapist. She is a believer of the truths and wisdom of all spiritual philosophies. Khadijah La Musa inspires others through to live more freely through literature, musings and wholistic wellness rituals.